Post Strathpuffer 2016 pondering


My little Trek Fuel EX was perfect all weekend. I noticed a lot of guys and girls running narrow/wide 1 x 11, which seems to be the norm now. I think for the ‘puffer 2 x 10 works just fine. Firstly, there were a lot of people on Narrow-wides dropping chains in the deep sludgy mud. Secondly, there is at least 500 metres per lap of fast downhill fire-road where on the big ring i was cranking hard, making up a lot of time on riders who were spinning out.

Footwear is another consideration. The trend is towards flats in MTB at present. I didnt unclip my SPD’s once, and never lost a pedal. There is a lot of uphill, and the descents were super-muddy. Food for thought. Roll on next year.

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