Fastrider Cycles at 2017 Strathpuffer 24hr MTB


Fastrider Cycles entered a team of 4 locals for the 2017 Strathpuffer 24 hour race. We finished 59th out of 133 in a gruelling event, with a best lap of 40.53. Gareth set off first as he was full of enthusiasm having not ridden the Strathpuffer before. He looked slightly less enthusiastic after his final lap. He had been Strathpuffered!

The forest provided a beautiful setting for the race, blue skies helping with motivation. The course held up well with no boggy sections, and some nice berms have been built into the new bottom section, however with temperatures as low as -7 degrees through the night, the rocky sections became icy and only ride-able with skill.

Our Trek Remedy, and Fuel EX  worked well in the varied conditions. The Trek Superfly looked to be one of the most popular bikes with competitors.

A great event, and although we said we were never going to do this event again, we were already planning next years race in the van on the way home.





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